About the course

Through a combination of lectures, readings, and interactive exercises, our course will provide you with a solid foundation in financial markets and institutions, covering topics such as:

  • The role of financial markets in allocating resources and managing risk

  • The structure and functions of different financial markets, including money markets, capital markets, and foreign exchange markets

  • The role of financial intermediaries, such as banks and insurance companies, in the economy

  • The impact of regulatory policies on financial markets and institutions

Course curriculum

    1. Time value of money

    2. Interest rates and yields

    3. Real and nominal interest rates

    4. Computing duration

    5. The determinants of interest rates

    6. The risk structure

    7. The term structure

    8. The efficient market hypothesis

    9. Quiz time!

    1. The reasons for financial institutions

    2. Solutions to moral hazard

    3. Conflicts of interest

    4. Financial crises

    5. Quiz time!

    1. The independence of Central Banks

    2. The European Central Bank

    3. The Federal Reserve System

    4. The Bank of England

    5. The Bank of Japan

    6. The Bank of Canada

    7. The People's Bank of China

    8. Quiz time!

    1. Conventional monetary policy tools

    2. Nonconventional monetary policy tools

    3. The goals of monetary policy

    4. Monetary policy at the Fed

    5. Monetary policy at the ECB

    6. Inflation targeting

    7. Central banks and asset-price bubbles

    8. Quiz time!

    1. The money markets

    2. The instruments of money markets

    3. Quiz time!

    4. The bond market

    5. Corporate bonds

    6. The stock market

    7. How to evaluate companies

    8. Quiz time!

    9. The mortgage market - I

    10. The mortgage market - II

    11. The FX market

    12. FX Interventions

    13. Quiz time!

    14. The international financial system

    15. The role of the IMF

About this course

  • $127.00
  • 67 lessons
  • 0 hours of video content


  • Does this course teach me how to trade?

    The knowledge you'll acquire will allow you to better understand why the market moves and what drives the action. Although we don't teach you how to trade, the course will improve your ability to spot opportunities by teaching you all the fundamentals you need to know.

  • Is the teacher available for private questions?

    Absolutely, just send a message to @MrnllMtt on Twitter, or an email to info@matteomarinelli.com!

  • Are there any requirements to learn from this course?

    No, the course is structured and written specifically for everybody to learn from it, no matter the amount of knowledge you already have.